Financial planning for separation

The break-up of a family is a significant event and often needs a complete overhaul on finances.

At Heritage Wealth Solutions, our financial advisers work with a lot of families in the Yorkshire region in dealing with the financial impacts of divorce and separation. For solicitors dealing with clients who have such issues, our financial advisers have prepared the below bullet points on areas they need to consider:

  • Providing clients’ financial data
  • The three pension options
  • Transfer to drawdown schemes
  • Re-arranging mortgages
  • Protection of maintenance payments
  • Neutral support in collaborative law
  • Effect of divorce on employee benefits
  • Planning for educational fees
  • Personal financial budgeting

Often, our financial advisers need to prepare cash flow modelling plans to determine whether clients can maintain their lifestyle in the long term. This is where our Yorkshire-based solicitor connections find it beneficial to work with our financial advisers, as they can provide reassurance to clients that their financial futures can still be positive even after separation.

For more information on our professional financial advice for separation, please do not hesitate to contact our Morley-based team on 0113 350 2080. Our financial advisers have extensive experience in dealing with such issues, working with a range of individuals in the Leeds, Wakefield and Huddersfield regions in the past.

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