Different clients have differing needs and at Heritage we want to give clients choice as to the level of servicing they require, some prefer a light touch and others prefer much more active management of their investments.

The following table gives an overview of the service levels we offer, although a bespoke solution may be more appropriate for you:

Annual statement of holdings
Access to our support team
Quarterly Portfolio Rebalancing
Yearly Fund Review
Quarterly Electronic Valuations
Paper Valuations at Request, subject to fair usage policy
On-going Expert Support
Quarterly Investment Bulletins
On-going access to your adviser
Annual, two yearly or three yearly circumstance review meetings subject to minimum fee level below including:
Review of Objectives
Review of Risk Profile
Review of Asset Allocation (if required)
Review of Tax Changes and utilise tax allowances eg NISA use
Portfolio updates & Valuations
Comprehensive Financial Health Check:
Detailed Tax Planning
Estate Planning
Income / Expenditure Review and Forecasting
Liaison with accountant / solicitor (if required)
Cost based on the total value of your investments 1% 0.75% 0.5% 0.25%
Minimum Annual Cost for Annual Circumstance Review meeting £1000 £1000 £1000 N/A
Minimum Annual Cost for Two Yearly Circumstance Review meeting £500 £500 £500 N/A
Minimum Annual Cost for Three Yearly Circumstance Review (typically telephone based) £250 £250 £250 N/A
Minimum Level of funds under management with Heritage to qualify for this level of service £50,000 £25,000 N/A N/A
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We believe in looking after the clients we manage.

Choosing the right adviser can be difficult and knowing your adviser will be there throughout your financial career is vital before committing to such a relationship.
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