Everyone’s retirement plan will look different

We all have our individual aims and needs so you cannot simply pick a standard option and expect it to work for you.

Take advice from Chartered Financial Advisers at an early stage and get on track. Even if you already have investments it is never too late to make adjustments to fit with your personal needs.

Do not forget that once you have a retirement and pension plan it needs to be kept under review. Circumstances change and plans therefore need to change as well. An annual check is usually often enough but if you have a major change in your life or future intentions at any time then a review of your retirement plans at that time is vital.

There are two distinct areas of retirement and pension’s advice that our financial planners advise on:

  1. Ensuring you have enough income and capital to fund your retirement years. Retirement can be as long as your working life in some cases and ensuring you have the correct financial plan to help you achieve a prosperous retirement is crucial. To achieve this aim we begin with a detailed review of your financial and retirement objectives, including a cashflow analysis to ascertain your retirement expenditure, and finally a full review of your existing retirement and investment plans to check they are still suitable for you and if not what amendments would optimise your goals.
  2. Having built up sufficient assets looking at how best to draw from those assets based on your needs and circumstances. We often find clients have very different requirements in retirement, some wish to phase their retirement, some have extensive travel plans and many still have to factor in dependent children. Changes in pension legislation have probably caused confusion for many, however the extra flexibility means pensions can now facilitate much more effective retirement planning.

Whilst in many ways these two areas of financial advice are separate they need to be considered together, after all if you don’t know how you want your retirement it is difficult to plan how to get there. This is because how you intend to take income in retirement will affect the way you look to build those assets, particularly as you get close to retirement. Choosing the right investment wrappers pre-retirement can open up many more options when you come to retire.

Having taken these points into account the other major consideration is to ensure that the retirement plans that are put in place are personal to you. We believe partnering with the right financial adviser is crucial, and agreeing a long term relationship with a professional who is able to manage you up to and throughout retirement is one of the most important decisions you will make.

If you are looking for pensions advice and are based in the Yorkshire area, please do not hesitate to contact our chartered financial advice team in Morley by calling 0113 350 2080.

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We believe in looking after the clients we manage.

Choosing the right adviser can be difficult and knowing your adviser will be there throughout your financial career is vital before committing to such a relationship.
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Meet Our Customers

Many people in the process of planning their retirement look to independent financial advisers to help with pension’s advice when they hear of options of investment to increase their savings. This was the case for our Leeds team recently, who helped Eric find a secure level of income during his retirement…

Eric, who was still working at the time, came to our team after being recommended our services by a friend, with a request to take out money from his pension to buy a property, but found that if he did so whilst still in work he would face an unnecessary and high tax bill.

Initially, we offered a free 30 minute finance consultation with Eric, so we could discuss his situation, before planning in the next steps to take to help resolve it.Read More

What Our Customers Think

“I have found that Andrew Dodd, partner at Heritage, delivers financial advice in an easy and understandable way, so that people like myself can simply understand the steps needed to be taken.

Throughout the time we have dealt with him, before his venture with Heritage, he is always prompt at meetings, efficient with his time management, and will also spend the extra time in giving financial advice to do with our financial portfolio.

I would always recommend him as an independent financial adviser to help with anyone I know looking for portfolio management, pension advice and even tips on regular savings.”

Gareth, Cleveland
We worked with Andrew for over 8 years now, prior to his time as independent financial adviser for Heritage, and he has proven to be an excellent adviser, whom we moved from a working environment into retirement with.

During that time we had excellent and friendly financial advice, from retirement planning and pensions to portfolio management and investment advice, all of which we fully understood and were comfortable with. In all of his financial recommendations they have proven to be extremely beneficial for us, and nothing is ever seen as too much trouble, as he has always remained reachable and delivered timely and effective financial advice.

We would always recommend Andrew, and now the whole Heritage team as we are positive that everyone else would have the same enjoyable experience as we do. With Andrew you were not just another person in a queue, it’s a personal financial experience, and it’s reassuring that we could contact him whenever for advice big or small.