At Heritage we focus on creating individual solutions to match your requirements.

Some individuals invest in shares of individual companies, which is a relatively high-risk approach. If the share price falls, your investment is exposed to the change in fortunes of that single company. To reduce risk you could invest in funds where a manager spreads the risk across a hundred companies which will remove the possibility of total loss, in addition you can spread risk across sectors, countries and asset classes and invest in property and bonds. Some risk is unavoidable when investing in real assets (equities, property and bonds) though diversification reduces this risk. Choosing the right blend of asset classes to meet an individual’s risk profile takes skill and experience, maintaining this balance and managing expectations over time is one of the areas we add value for our clients.

In addition to the above, tracking the respective qualities of funds and fund managers and where they may best fit in a portfolio takes patience and hard work – it can be easy to get distracted by the short term performance of individual components and many investors make decisions based on this; however we maintain a strict process and try to ensure we are always optimally positioned for future returns. Our Investment Committee regularly research available investment options, often meeting with fund managers to ensure their investment philosophy matches our client requirements. With this research we then construct portfolios to meet our client requirements, and more importantly regularly review those holdings with the aim of maximising client returns within a given risk profile. We find our clients tend to value this high level of ongoing servicing.

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We believe in looking after the clients we manage.

Choosing the right adviser can be difficult and knowing your adviser will be there throughout your financial career is vital before committing to such a relationship.
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