Why choose the financial advisers at Heritage?

At Heritage Wealth Solutions, our financial planner’s main focus is on building strong client relationships across the Yorkshire region. We understand that choosing the right financial adviser can be difficult, and knowing that they will be there throughout your financial career is vital before committing to such a relationship.

Luckily, our financial advisers have impressive experience when dealing with a range of individuals, families and businesses in the Leeds, Wakefield and surrounding Yorkshire area.

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Mr and Mrs Richardson

Mr and Mrs Richardson are in their early 60s and have both worked for the local authority all of their working lives and have requested a review as a number of redundancies are due to be made, and the Richardsons wish to investigate their options.

Mr and Mrs Richardson

Having reviewed the options and discussed with their adviser the net income position the Richardsons would be in if they accepted a redundancy, and after explaining their AVC funds and redundancy can be effectively used to top up income between finishing with the council and state pension age, the Richardsons decide on a lifestyle change and put Mr Richardson forward for redundancy. Having assessed their income position could be met from AVCs and a redundancy payment, their Tax Free Cash lump sums, once invested, can be used throughout retirement for holidays and luxury purchases and maintain their quality of life long term.


Simon is in his early 50s and has his own limited company to receive his income as a programming contractor. Having been reluctant to invest in pensions over the years he has built up a significant amount of cash in this company, although realises now the rules have changed on pensions and wants to consider the possibility of retiring at 60.


Having reviewed the options his adviser recommends significant pension contributions to take advantage of generous tax reliefs over the following years, and he is then in a position to draw down on pension and company benefits to sustain himself as part of a structured plan. Simon requires a sustainable income from his portfolio and as such his portfolio is comprised of a blend of income producing assets, with the aim of providing dividend income to increase throughout his retirement to meet increasing living costs.

Mr and Mrs Arkwright

Mr and Mrs Arkwright are both in their mid 60s and have retired, and have accrued a couple of hundred thousand pounds in savings throughout their lives, although they only have state pension and as such their retirement income is relatively low. They have made some small investments with the bank over the years although are increasingly annoyed at the lack of servicing, they now realise they are still paying a commission on several of these plans yet receiving nothing in return for it. Their main concern is that returns on their savings are less than inflation and any money they take out will erode these funds further.

Mr and Mrs Arkwright

Having reviewed the options the adviser recommends repositioning their old bank investments (which were underperforming the rest of the market and in the wrong risk profile) and investing further capital into assets with high levels of income from dividends, bonds and various property investments. This provides the Arkwrights with an income to supplement their modest state pensions and also provides capital growth over time. Mrs Arkwright in particular is pleased with the regular contact she receives from her adviser moving forward, knowing she is receiving fair value for the fee she is paying.

Why Are We The Best?

At Heritage our main focus is on building strong client relationships. Choosing the right adviser can be difficult and knowing your adviser will be there throughout your financial career is vital before committing to such a relationship.
At Heritage we invest a significant amount of time at the beginning of our journey in order to understand your aims and objectives as well as the resources you have to meet those aims.
We believe in looking after the clients we manage. All our advisers are experienced Chartered Financial Planners who are able to view the pros and cons of our advice and ensure, on balance, our solutions are the most suitable for to meet client needs.
Andrew is the only financial adviser I have dealt with that I trust, and I have dealt with quite a few. I find his advice clear and honest.
J Bell, London
We now have a lovely new home and financial security, what more could you ask of a financial advisor. Thanks Claire
John, Derbyshire
We have found Andrew is very transparent about the charges he makes for his services and we feel gives great value for money.
PS & SS, Pontefract
Trustworthy, Intelligent, and Creative. Could not think of a better person to look after my wealth.
Dr R Habib, Algo Engineering
Claire explains often complicated financial products in a way which allows us to make informed decisions based on her sound advice on the various options on the market.
Linda, West Yorkshire
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We believe in looking after the clients we manage.

Choosing the right adviser can be difficult and knowing your adviser will be there throughout your financial career is vital before committing to such a relationship.
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