Recent figures from National Savings & Investments (NS&I) has suggested that savers up and down the country, even here in Yorkshire, added more than £13 billion into pensioners bonds in just a few weeks.

The staggering amount, which came from a sudden surge of savers, saw people up and down the country paying nearly two-thirds above the market rate for the bonds, after the offer become one too good to refuse following a lack of decent returns.

In turn, the huge inflow had added to more than the total assets of all but the largest three building societies in the UK, leading the way for criticisms to begin surrounding an unfair playing field.

So what stands NS&I apart from banks?

  • They offer Premium Bonds and Savings Certificates that banks and building societies aren’t allowed to sell
  • They offer more returns on accounts where banks and building societies can compete
  • NS&I took in a total of £18.2 billion in its financial year to the end of March – nearly a third of the total that goes into savings accounts each year
  • Earlier this year the NS&I put on sale the 65+ Guaranteed Growth Bonds which pulled in a total of £13.6 billion, paying a fixed 2.8% for one year and 4% for three – that was 60% more than the top-paying 1.75% and 2.5% on offer from competitors

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