With the tax year ending on Tuesday 5th April, people across Leeds, Yorkshire and the UK should be doing all they can to maximise their finances: as we discussed this time in 2015, the deadline will soon be upon us.

Taking this into account, the Morley-based financial adviser team here at Heritage Wealth Solutions are today outlining a few things that you should be doing before it hits:

1) Prepare in advance

Though it may be too late now, it’s worth remembering for next year that you’ll benefit from getting the ‘hard work’ out of the way early. If given the chance, our Leeds financial planners like to work with clients to ensure that they’re prepared well in advance.

2) Reduce your inheritance tax bill

Is your estate likely to be hit by inheritance tax when you pass away? Providing that you can afford it, now could be the time to gift some money to loved ones if so. More information on reducing the bill can be found here.

3) Watch out for the budget

While the changes outlined in the next Budget – which will be delivered on Wednesday 16th March – are unlikely to affect the current tax year, our Chartered Financial Planners advise you to keep a close eye just in case.

If you’re based in Leeds or its surrounding areas and want more advice on any of the above, please do feel free to get in touch with a member of the Heritage Wealth Solutions team today.

Providing a wide range of expert financial planning services, we take great pride in our ability to advise clients at any stage of their financial journey.

You can speak to someone from our Morley office by either calling 0113 350 2080 or emailing info@heritagews.co.uk.