On occasion our Leeds-based financial advisers come across individuals who need the security of a guarantee to apply with their investments, or at least a degree of protection in the event of falling markets. Luckily, our charted financial planners have experience in a range of investment products which appear each year from different providers. These investments offer varying amounts of protection to your finances, making them a firm favourite for some investors who want that added security.

However, unlike specialist investments, the potential returns aren’t as high on these investments and they can be quite rigid as they have to be for a fixed period of time, though they can meet specific objectives for the right investor.

If you are based in Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield or the surrounding Yorkshire area and you would like to speak to experienced financial planners who understand protected investments, please do not hesitate to give out Leeds-based office a call on 0113 350 2080.

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